Ultrafast time-resolved terahertz spectrometer

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                  Technical parameters of the system host

THz Output Spectral Range

Typical value of 0.25-3THz

Maximum Pump-THz Detection Time Delay Range


Minimum Pump-THz Detection Time Delay Step


Minimum Gate Pulse Step


Minimum Step Size of Delay Stage


Test Mode

Test Mode


Dual-balanced detector, photosensitive area diameter of 5mm, bandwidthDC-1 MHz, common mode suppression ratio of 40dB, noise equivalent power of 2.2pW/V Hz, maximum output voltage of 10V

Data Acquisition Software

THz time-domain spectroscopy measurement, OPTP (Optical Pump-Thz Probe)kinetics measurement, real-time signal image display, automatic repeatedmeasurement, data storage

Data Analysis Software

Datasmoothing and averaging, conversion of THz time-domain spectroscopy tofrequency-domain spectroscopy, fitting of THz frequency-domain spectroscopy andOPTP kinetics.

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